If you are an architect, you can one day build the most beautiful Obelisk in your garden. If you are a designer, an architect or someone creative, obelisk could mean many different things to you. In case you are none of the above, well read further to know more about the word.

Pronunciation: obuh-lisk

The dictionary definitions for obelisk are as follows:
1. A tapering, four-sided shaft of stone, usually monolithic and having a pyramidal apex.
2. Structure resembling a shaft (beam)
3. Obelisk is also used in printing with the sign (), which stands for a reference. In printing it is usually referred to as a dagger.

Master tips to learn Obelisk
Obelisk draws a picture of Basilisk, the serpent in Harry Potter and Chamber of secrets. The end part ‘lisk’ in both the words facilitates such correlation. As Harry potter stories are so famous, the correlation will make the learning of the word much easier.

Obelisk can be used in following ways
1. The memorial in Chandigarh is distinctively marked with the presence of an obelisk.
2. It is not possible to build a 32 feet obelisk in a hill town like Nainital.
3. He will fail at his attempt to build a granite obelisk without adequate planning.

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