Picture for ObsolescenceYou know how cassettes and floppy disks are no longer used, as we have CDs and those tiny pen drives! Well, things no longer in use due to the advent of new technology have fallen into obsolescence. It is a Noun.


Its first usage dates back to 1820-30 and seems to have originated from the combination of two words .i.e. obsolescent and ence. Obsolescent means something becoming obsolete and ence is a suffix.

Pronunciation: ob-suh-les-uhns

The dictionary definitions for Obsolescence are as follows:
1) Something in a state of being obsolete
2) Something in the process of becoming obsolete
3) Condition of being nearly obsolete

Master’s tip to learn Obsolescence:

Obsolescence can be learnt with the help of the word absence. When something becomes obsolete, it also means that particular thing is absent from the present scenario.

Obsolescence can be used in the following ways:

1) Cassettes have fallen into Obsolescence. (Noun)
2) CDs are in the process of slipping into Obsolescence (Noun)
3) Floppies have become obsolete. (Adjective)
4) He has obsolescently vanished form fashion designing market. (Adverb)

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