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picture and quote for obsoleteThere cannot be a greater truth than the one stated in the picture, can there be? War can only lead to the extinction of men, in other words, make man obsolete.

Obsolete comes from the Latin root, ‘obsolesc-’, meaning to wear out or grow out. In the given context, we can see how this meaning fits in perfectly.

One should generally strive to make one’s bad habits obsolete, but that is something we find extremely hard to do.

Meanings of Obsolete:

1. No longer in use

Pronunciation: ob-suh-leet

Quote Examples for Obsolete:

1. The religions are obsolete when the reforms do not proceed from them. – Ralph Waldo Emerson 2. Automation does not make optimism obsolete. -George Keith Funston

The quote below is a take a on life that most of us would agree with, isn’t it?

quote for obsolete

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