picture vocabulary for octogenarianOctogenarian is a little confusing when it comes to using its form. It can be used both as an adjective and as a noun. So one needs to be very careful as to which form should be used. But it is an extremely easy to word to remember, when it comes to its meaning.

Pronunciation: ok-tuh-juhnair-ee-uhn

Meaning of Octogenarian:
1. Between the age of 80 – 90 years (adjective)
2. Someone who is in between the age of 80 – 90 years (noun)

Master’s tip to learn the word:
It’s very simple to learn the word octogenarian. For the word one must remember that “octo” means eight. Now take the other part of the word “gen”. So octogenarian is a generation that is in its 80’s. You could probably keep into mind the picture of your grandfather or great grandfather when thinking of this word.

Usage Examples:
1. Our nation is full of octogenarian leaders who are absolutely incapable of bringing about any radical change in the society (noun).
2. The family celebrated the octogenarian’s 81st birthday (adjective).
3. My grandfather, an octogenarian still manages to go cycling every single morning (noun).
4. My grandfather became an octogenarian last week when we celebrated his 80th birthday (noun).

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