One-Syllable Verbs of Power

Study for Six weeks to power of Power by Wilfred Funk
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FlauntDisplay proudly; act ostentatiously or pretentiouslyShow-off, parade, display, wave around, Grandstand ( to conduct oneself or perform showily or ostentatiously in an attempt to impress onlookers: The senator doesn’t hesitate to grandstand if it makes her point.)
FloutLaugh at with contempt and derision, treating others with scornDeride, sneer, laugh at, gibe, ridicule
FlayStrip the skin off/ flay a person, you are criticizing him bitterlyPeel/ pare (apples), reprove, castigate, excoriate, upbraid
FlailGive a thrashing to; beat hard, flogging someoneFlog, pummel, smash, slug ( “He slugged me so hard that I passed out”)
PrateSpeak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantlyBlabber, clack, gabble, gibber, maunder, palaver, piffle( Act in a trivial or ineffective way), Tattle ( Divulge confidential information or secrets), tittle-tattle
RailComplain bitterly, in a loud and angry manner

Criticize severely

Fulminate, inveigh, Upbraid (to find fault with or reproach severely; censure: The military tribunal upbraided the soldier for his cowardice), Bawl out (Informal. to scold vociferously; reprimand or scold vigorously: Your father will bawl you out when he sees this mess.), vituperate
WreakCause to happen or to occur as a consequence (wreak havoc)Inflict
RazeTear down so as to make flat with the groundDismantle, tear down, take down, obliterate, efface, expunge (to wipe out; do away with; expunge: to efface one’s unhappy memories.)
CloyTo become uninteresting or distasteful through overabundance: A diet of cake and candy soon cloys.Surfeit (to supply with anything to excess or satiety; satiate.), Satiate (to supply with anything to excess, so as to disgust or weary; surfeit.)
Foist1. To force onto another

2. Insert surreptitiously or without warrant

Fob off(to cheat someone by substituting something spurious or inferior; palm off :He tried to fob off an inferior brand on us),Fraudulently

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