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Opsimath(noun) refers to someone who is late in learning or starts to learn late in life. Due to diverse reasons, people may be unable to continue their studies and some of them may resume at later stages in life. Such individuals are referred to as opsimath(s).

Pronunciation: ahp-si-math

Meanings of Opsimath

1. Late learner.
2. A person who undertakes study late in life.
3. A student who is old.

Origin of Opsimath

Opsimath is originally the combination of two Greek words where “opse” means “late” and “math” means “learning”.

Master’s Tip to Learn Opsimath

In our society if an individual has to discontinue one’s study, he/she finds it difficult to resume it at a later stage as OPSIMATHs are made to feel out of place. But nowadays with the more open minded and nonjudgmental people, it has become easier for individuals to take up their studies at a later stage, hence the number of Opsimaths is fast increasing. Seeing older people taking up new courses has become usual.

Sentence examples for Opsimath:

1. Steve enrolled himself to college as an opsimath but dropped out again as he ended up marrying his physics teacher instead!
2. John had to drop out of college to help his family financially but now that everything is hunky-dory he is planning to rejoin as an opsimath.
3. The rise in number of opsimaths has shown that after all “old dogs can learn new tricks”.

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