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Picture for OriginateMnemonic Tip to Learn Originate

The part origin of the word originate can be quite helpful in learning the word. Origin means the place or phenomena of something new starting. An instance can be also used-We all know about the grim menace of dowry being practiced a lot in India. As this custom started in the Indian society we can say that the practice ORIGINATED in India.

Originate is a verb that means to start or create something. Originate is the place or point at which any new thing or idea starts. It usually doesn’t end there, though. A carpet that originates in Turkey can travel all the way to an apartment in New York. A rumor can originate during first period, but by lunchtime it will have made its way around the entire high school.The word is often used for a bus ,train or any public conveyance to begin a scheduled run at a specified place


Meanings of Orignate

1. to bring into being,create or start
2. come into existence

Sentence examples for Orignate:

1. This train originates atPhiladelphia.
2. The breed originated from a series of matings carried out by lord tweedmouth from 1864 onwards.
3. Beside the totally awesome music of the 80s, there were also really cool latest tracks in the party.

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