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In the given example, India is referred to as an OVERBEARING country for other South Asian countries, that is it manner is such that it dominates its smaller neighbors. This is what an overbearing personality does, it bears down on individuals through the force of one’s manner and personality.

The dictionary definitions for Overbearing are as follows:
1. Domineering in manner; arrogant: an overbearing person. (adjective)
2. Overwhelming in power or significance; predominant. (adjective)

Word In Context

The following is an extract from The Hindu used for educational purposes: 

The best thing about this paragraph is that it gives us quite a few words to chew on:
1. Guile: Craftiness or cunningness, using tricks to deceive people.
2. Hegemony: The dominance or leadership of one social group or nation over others
3. Entail: Have as a logical consequence

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