Picture for ParoxysmWe all have had teachers known for outbursts at our tiniest of mistakes and chucked us out of the class. In case you want to know a fancy word to describe such outbursts, then you can use paroxysms (outbursts) of anger. Its first usage dates back to 1570-80 and it is a noun.

Pronunciation: par-uhk-siz-uhm

Meanings of Paroxysm:

1) An unexpected outburst of emotions/action
2) An unexpected attack of a disease or a fit

Master’s tip to learn Paroxysm:

Paroxysm can be learnt with the help of the word exorcism, as these words rhyme to some extent. Further, to relate the words more you can picture someone in a paroxysm of anger, which actually means that person is possessed by anger and needs to be exorcised to get rid f it.

Sentences examples for Paroxysm:

1) He is known for paroxysms of anger on the smallest of mistakes. (Noun)
2) His paroxysms kept him laughing. (Adverb)
3) His is known for his hyper-paroxysm when it comes to getting angry. (Noun)

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