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Picture for PedagogueWord Origin of Pedagogue:

Pedagogue comes to English through an interesting Greek route. It is a composite of two Greek Roots: Peda (meaning child) and Agogue (meaning leader). Literally, this combination transforms into a leader of children. Who are these leader of children? Well, teachers, who else? They are the ones who take our fingers and lead us to take our baby steps in this world.

But the sad part about this word is that it did not restrict its meaning to a teacher only. The word expanded and ultimately transformed to adopt a negative connotation. A pedagogue now is a narrow minded person who instructs in a dogmatic and rigid way. He believes he is the only person who is correct and his way is the only way. At times, if we look at our schooling, we do find such teachers, don’t we?

P.s.: If we go right back in time, Pedagogue comes from the Greek word paidagōgos, which translated to slave who looked after his master’s son, from pais boy + agōgos leader.

Pronunciation: ped-uh-gog, -gawg

Meanings of Pedagogue:

1. A schoolteacher; an educator.
2. One who instructs in a pedantic/dogmatic/academic manner with a narrow minded focus.

Sentence Examples for Pedagogue:

1. The driving instructor was with him as a kind of pedagogue, and continued to instruct him during the whole ride.
2. The job of the pedagogue is to bring all students to a common platform of learning and make sure none feels left out.

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