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Common Fractions with Decimal and Percent Equivalents

The purpose of this article is very simple: to provide you an exhaustive conversion table that you can use as a short-cut for calculating percentages.

Remember, it is extremely vital to save every second possible in the examination and what could be quicker in Mathematics than using some clever calculation techniques. One such technique is the conversion tables for Percentages.

In order to convert a fraction into percentage, multiply the fraction by 100 and put the “%” sign.
Example: ½ can be written as ½ x 100 = 50%.

To convert a percentage into a fraction, employ the reverse technique: divide the number by 100 and remove the “%” sign.
Example: 25% can be written as 25/100 = 1/4

To convert a percentage into a ratio, first convert the percentage into a fraction, and then the fraction into a ratio.
Example: Convert 25% into a ratio.
25% = 25/100 = ¼ = 1 : 4

Conversion of Fraction into percentage table:
The following table will help you solve percentage questions quicker:


Percentages: The Complete Lesson

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