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This piece of music is soulful and endearing to one’s heart. But what do we plan to learn from this instrumental piece of music? We learn the word percussion.

The instrument in the video above is a percussion instrument, an instrument that produces sound when struck upon. There are numerous such percussion instruments in the world.  Keep in mind that these instruments are different from string instruments, in which the sound is produced by striking a rhythmic movements on string.

The instrument in the video is known as the tabla and the man playing it is the world famous table specialist Zakir Hussain. Try to follow his hands on thedrum like instrument and you would be amazed at the pace with which they move. Hard to follow, let alone attempt the same.

Dictionary Definitions for Percussion:

1. The striking of one body against another with some sharpness; impact; blow.

2. Medicine/Medical . the striking or tapping of the surface of a part of the body for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

3. The striking of a musical instrument to produce tones.

4. Music .

a. The section of an orchestra or band comprising the percussion instruments.

b. The percussion instruments themselves.

5. A sharp blow for detonating a percussion cap or the fuze of an artillery shell.

6. The striking of sound on the ear.

7. The act of percussing.

The dictionary definitions for percussion can be quite daunting, but all we learn to remember is that percussion is the sound produced by striking a surface.

If you are interested in learning some more about this wonderful percussion instrument, have a look at this:

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