Picture for PhenomenonThe word phenomenon is many times confused with the words “phenomenal” and “phenomena”. Where phenomena is the plural of phenomenon, phenomenal means something highly extraordinary or prodigious.

Pronunciation: fi-nom-uh-non

Meaning of Phenomenon

1. Something that is impressive or extraordinary
2. A fact, occurrence or a circumstance observed
3. A remarkable or exceptional person.

Master’s tip to learn the word

Best way to remember this word: have a look at all the phenomena that keep happening around us all the time. At best, nature keeps us occupied with so many of them, each of them being a treat in itself. If we develop a certain outlook, then from snowfall to rain, each is a phenomena in itself.

Sentence Examples for Phenomenon

1. A red tide is a natural phenomenon that causes fish to die.
2. The formation of lightning is a phenomenon still not completely understood.
3. An example of remarkable phenomena is the classical music great Beethoven.

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