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Definition & Meaning: Phil Root Word

To show you the power of this root word Phil, we would like to share a classic quote:

                                                 “Love makes the world go round.”

The Phil Root Word comes from the Greek verb which means to Love. Isn’t that something most people are fascinated by: Love! Also, based on what the person loves there are multiple words based on this root word Phil.

A Philanthropist is someone one who loves mankind and that means someone involved with charitable causes. Philosophy is the Love for wisdom. The word Philology means Love for words. And a voracious reader would be called a Bibliophile, the person who loves books.

Phil Root Word: Learn words related to word root Phil

Words Based on the Phil Root Word

Following is a list of words based on the Phil Root Word:

1. Philadelphy : Love for all men as brothers
2. Philhippic: Loving horses
3. Philodemic : Loving the people
4. Philodox : One who loves the opinions he himself holds
5. Philogeant : A lover of all good things
6. Philogynist : One who is fond of women
7. Phiologist : A student, scholar, and lover of languages
8. Philomath : A lover of learning
9. Philomuse : A lover of poetry and the arts
10. Philotechnist : A lover of the practical arts
11. Philotheism : Love of God
12. Anglophile: One who greatly amdires England, its customs, and its people
13. Philharmonic: loving harmony; devoted to music; a symphony orchestra
14. Philodendron: loving trees; a typical climbing plant that likes the shade of trees
15. Cryophilia, cryophilic, cryophile: Preference for cold environments, climates, objects and low temperatures.
16. Hydrophilia: Attraction to water
17. Heliophilia, heliophile: Attraction to sunlight.
18. Thermophilia: Love of high temperatures; thriving in high temperatures (e.g. microbes)
19. Mesophilia, mesophile: Preference of moderate temperatures in microorganisms
20. Technophilia: Love of technology
21. Philanthropist: One who loves mankind
22. Philosophy: Love for wisdom.
23. Philology: Love for words.
24. Bibliophile: One who loves books

We hope this article on the commonly used Phil Root Word and it has been helpful to you in remembering the words based on the Root Word Phil and enhance your vocabulary.

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