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Can you DELINEATE your present? On a chart? Picture? Diagram? Anything? don’t DELVE too much in the question. Nobody can. You can draw a cartoon to show your mood, you can make a pie-chart for your activities, create a complex work of art to show how your parents and friends interact with you, but depicting all these together is no less than rocket science. So if you can plan your future, that hasn’t even happened yet! Well, you are better than extraordinary. You are INCREDIBLE.

But for most of us plans we make at night see the shredder before they can see the light of day. They just don’t work! You perform the GRUELLING task of digging up your syllabus copy and your books, marking the syllabus, calculating the infinitesimal time you have to cover it and applying complex formulae to figure out how many chapters you need to do daily. Its a very tough task, but you sleep feeling like you have accomplished something. But the next day, its just a matter of an hour or two before that plan is in the shredder and you are off in your car, somewhere pointless, with equally hopeless friends taking a “break”.

If you could not relate to this, try a diet or an exercise routine. out of the 13 people I saw flaunting their diet and gym plans, none made it past two days without indulging like  GLUTTONS in some form of fat or a twelve hour sleep.

The fact is there are way too many things influencing one thing you do. The possibility of you studying for example varies with the availability of an internet connection, notifications on facebook, how much your peers have studied, the release of new movies, how much activity your phone shows etc.

How then, can you decide beforehand what and when you’ll study. And this applies everywhere. Plans to go out? Parental intervention(yours or the other party’s) can QUELL them in no time. Plans to give a piece of your mind to somebody can be seriously injured by the sudden realization that they may give you something more than words back.They might even be FATAL. Plans initiated by  PAROXYSMS ( of feeling worthless, or seeing life without a future, seeing your friend do something cool and the likes)generally last for an even shorter time.

Plan all you like, I will never do a 9 to 5 job, I’ll buy that top tomorrow, I’ll start practicing the guitar starting sunday, I’m going to ask him out, I’ll do MBA and boost up my pay package. someone somewhere is rolling on the floor, laughing at your plans. the mystery of tomorrow is going to remain just that, a mystery. Its 2012!For all you know, we’re turning to rubble tomorrow.We are hardly INVINCIBLE. So chuck out your plans and spend that time doing something today. You can plan to make plans later J

Words to be learn from the story above:


Author: The post is contributed by Simar Jolly.

Note: the purpose of this post is to highlight the Contextual use of words through story writing. Words here are being used in contexts to help everyone understand usage and meaning.

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