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Mnemonic Tip to Learn Plight

The word is quite similar to the word flight which is a difficult condition (plight) for first time flyers.

A plight is a situation that’s hard to get out of. You’ll usually hear the word plight for groups of people or animals struggling to survive, or struggling for better lives. We talk about the plight of refugees or the plight of sea birds after an oil spill. Another, old-fashioned use of plight is for pledge. If you get engaged, you give a plight of your love.

Pronunciation: plahyt

Meanings of Plight

1. A condition or state usually an unfavorable one
2. To promise or bind by a solemn pledge
3. To become engaged to marry

Sentence Examples for Plight:

1. Plight of the homeless prompted him to open the cardinal home center for young people at risk.
2. Justin didn’t realize that his new menacing appearance was the cause of his sad plight.
3. The foreigners were appalled on seeing the deplorable plight of the poor in India.

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