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picture and mnemonic for pragmaticMnemonic Aid to Learn Pragmatic:

Pragmatic equals to ‘something that sounds like PROBLEMATIC’, a pragmatic way of dealing with something is based on practical considerations , rather than theoretical ones. It means that a person who is pragmatic would deal with things in a practical way with considerable logic. Hence, it has been labeled as dealing with a problem.

It is as simple as that!

Meaning of Pragmatic:

1. dealing with things in a realistic way which is purely based on practical considerations rather than the theoretical ones.

Pronunciation: prag-mat-ik

Sentence Examples for Pragmatic:

1. A pragmatic approach is needed to face the day to day problems in today’s world.
2. He presented a pragmatic way to tackle the issue.
3. A pragmatic approach is yet to be taken to the private sector in India.

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