Picture for precipitatePrecipitate usually means bringing something on or making it happen — and not always in a good way. An unpopular verdict might “precipitate violence” or one false step at the Grand Canyon could precipitate you down into the gorge. Precipitate, as a verb, can also mean specifically, “to fall from clouds,” such as rain, snow, or other forms of precipitation. When used as an adjective, precipitate means hasty or acting suddenly.

Pronunciation: pri-sip-i-teyt; adj., n.pri-sip-i-tit, -teyt

Meanings of precipitate

1. Bring about abruptly
2. Being contrary or opposed in character
3. done with very haste and without due deliberation
4. (chemistry) separate as a fine suspension of solid particles

Sentence examples for precipitate:

1. The huge violence in the college was not something spontaneous, rather it was precipitated by the college politics.
2. The purple color of the potassium manganate (vii ) is eventually replaced by a dark brown precipitate of manganese(iv ) oxide.
3. The major precipitated a last minute crisis of getting ready.

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