Picture for PremonitionPremonition is the type of word that we have should a premonition about? What did that mean?
Well, premonition is an intuition about the future.

Word origin : 1425–75; late Middle English premunicioun ( compare praemunire)

Pronunciation: pree-muh-nish-uhn, prem-uh-

Meanings of Premonition

1. An intuition of a future, usually unwelcome, occurrence; foreboding
2. An early warning of a future event; forewarning
3. A feeling of anticipation of or anxiety over a future event; presentiment
4. A forewarning.

Master’s tip to learn Premonition :

Premonition can be split up as pre + monition ( monitor ). Now “pre” means beforehand and monition ( monitor) can be thought as “ to monitor the situation to give a warning in advance.”

Sentences examples for Premonition :

1. Every Thursday, the villagers would gather under the mango tree to hear the seer’s premonitions.
2. I’m not saying i’m psychic, of course, but i sometimes do get these alarmingly strong premonitions of the future.
3. He had a sudden premonition that the room in which they were having a conversation might have a hidden microphone, so he       signalled to his partner to lower his voice.
4. She had a premonition that there might be an accident, and did not get on the boat.

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