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Mnemonic Aid to Learn Prerogative:

Prerogative equals to ‘opposite of INTERROGATIVE. Something unquestionable’, if something is the prerogative of a particular person or group, it is a privilege or a power that only they have. That means Prerogative provides them an exclusive right that no one can question. Hence, it has been labeled as ‘something unquestionable’.

It is as simple as that!

Meaning of Prerogative:

1. an exclusive right, privilege or a power exercised by only particular category of persons.

Pronunciation: pri-rog-uh-tiv

Sentence Examples for Prerogative:

1. It’s Adam, the writer’s Prerogative to decide the true faith of her characters.
2. it was the professor’s Prerogative to stop the conversation.
3. the royal Prerogative exempts the king and his disciples from paying taxes.

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