Picture for ProhibitionProhibition is to forbid any action that is inappropriate or illegal. Generally, it is a law that restricts a person or any body to do something. It was a law enforced by a constitutional amendment forbidding the sale of alcoholic beverages in the U.S. From then, it came to be used as a term for any law that may put restriction or not approve of any action.

The word prohibition originated in the late 14th century from the Latin word prohibitionem which means “hindering or forbidding” or from prohibitus, past participle of the word prohibere which means “hold back”. Prohibere is the combination of two words –pro means “away, forth” and habere means, “to hold”.

Pronunciation: proh-uh-bish-uhn

Meanings of Prohibition:

1. Law that forbids some action by a person, institute, organization or any body
2. Prevention or barring someone from doing something

Master’s Tip to Learn Prohibition:

In some areas, parking of vehicles is strictly restricted or prohibited. You can’t park your car, bike etc in these zones. It is a law, which doesn’t allow you to do something and hence its said to be a prohibition.

Sentence examples for Prohibition:

1. The prohibitions have been put just to restore peace between the various religious groups.
2. Inspite of the prohibitions on going out and late night parties, she broke the rule and went to the club.

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