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Mnemonic Aid to Learn Promulgate:

In simple words, this word means to ‘state or announce’. But what kind of announcement are we talking about? Well, the ones that are made in public and done so officially.

How does our mnemonic come into the picture?

Promulgate: Post it on the Gate!
Anything law put into effect should be posted on the gate, should it not?

Another mnemonic for the same:
Promulgate: Propagate
Got to spread what has been made into a law!

Meaning of Promulgate:

Pronunciation: prom-uhl-geyt, proh-muhl-geyt

1. To make known (a decree, for example) by public declaration; announce officially.
2. To put (a law) into effect by formal public announcement.

Sentence Examples for Promulgate:

1. The laws promulgated by the government are not only severe but unjust.
2. The Jan Lokpal bill has not been promulgated till date.

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