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Mnemonic Aid to Learn Propensity:

PROPENSITY can be best remembered in a rather funny way. Break propensity to prop and city. One can use the fact that villagers have an inclination towards the city. This would lead to propensity being associated with an inclination, a sort of natural tendency.

It is as simple as that!

Meaning of Propensity:

1. a natural inclination or tendency made or done freely and abundantly
2. favorable disposition or partiality. (this meaning of the word is now obsolete)

Pronunciation pruh-pen-si-tee

Sentence Examples for Propensity:

1. His propensity to drink too much was perhaps the only blotch on his otherwise clean image.
2. It is a propensity for fair business practices despite tough times, that has kept the company afloat for so long.

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