Maninder: Kaval, do you have any children?
Kaval: Yes, I am blessed with three demons.
Maninder: How old are these blessed demons?
Kaval: Well, Maninder, the product of their ages is 36,
Maninder: Now that doesn’t help much. Any more clues?
Kaval: Two of them are the same age as the even number of equal pizza slices we have each had. You should be able to figure it out now at least.
Maninder: Can I have one more clue?
Kaval: Well, the oldest always wears a blue dress.

Can Maninder do it, and if he can, what is the age of the three kids?

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Clue-1: Since the product of the ages is 36, possible combination are 6-3-2 (sum=11) 9-2-2 (sum=13) 4-3-3 (sum=10) 9-4-1 (sum=14) 12-3-1 (sum=16) 18-2-1 (sum=21) 6-6-1 (sum=13)

Clue-2: Age of two is equal to the even number of equal pizza slices Kaval and Maninder have had: This means that two kids should be aged the same. This reduces the number of combinations to: 9-2-2 (sum=13) 6-6-1 (sum=13) (4-3-3 is ruled out as we need even numbers for the kids who have the same age)

Clue-3: One is oldest among the three Since the oldest wears a blue dress, this rules out the second combination.

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