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Meera , Pranav , and Mehak divided some equally and they went for a coffee . They went to a restaurant and ordered black coffee. They received a bill of Rs. 240 and they realized that the money they were left with was equal to the money each had after the division. Find the original money they shared.

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Assuming that initially, the total amount of money was 3*X rupees . So they got X rupees each after division. After the coffer, all should have (X – 80) rupees each. But it is given that, after the bill of 80 rupees each, total amount of money remaining is equal to the amount each had after division i.e. X, Therefore, the equation is 3 * (X – 80) = X 3 * X – 240 = X 2 * X = 240 X = 120 Therefore the total money before division is = 3 * 120 = 360
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