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One of Mr. Trump, his wife, their son and Mr. Trump’s mother is a Chef and another is an Astronaut.
1. If the Astronaut is a male, then the Chef is a male.
2. If the Chef is younger than the Astronaut, then the Chef and the Astronaut are not blood relatives.
3. If the Chef is a female, then she and the Astronaut are blood relatives.

Is it possible to tell who the astronaut is and who is the chef? In case you can tell, let us know the names.

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Mr. Trump is the Chef and either his wife or his son is the Astronaut. Mr. Trump’s wife and mother are not blood relatives. So from 3, if the Chef is a female, the Astronaut is a male. But from 1, if the Astronaut is a male, then the Chef is a male. Thus, there is a contradiction, if the Chef is a female. Hence, either Mr. Trump or his son is the Chef. Mr. Trump’s son is the youngest of all four and is blood relative of each of them. So from 2, Mr. Trump’s son is not the Chef. Hence, Mr. Trump is the Chef. Now from 2, Mr. Trump’s mother cannot be the Astronaut. So the Astronaut is either his wife or his son . It is not possible to determine anything further.
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