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The year is 1950, when one did get ‘paises’ from a bank. Mahesh went to the bank to withdraw a precise amount of money: A rupeer B paise. But in a bungle at the cash counter, he ended up receiving B rupees and A paise. He spends 20 paise and then realized his mistake. But he was not annoyed, he realized that he still had double the amount he wanted in the first place. What was the amount Mahesh wanted to withdraw?

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According to the information given, the person wanted to withdraw 100A + B paise. But he got 100B + A paise. After spending 20 paise, he has double the amount he wanted to withdraw. Hence, the equation is 2 * (100A + B) = 100B + A – 20 200A + 2B = 100B +A – 20 199A – 98B = -20 98B – 199A = 20

Now, we got one equation; but there are 2 variables. We have to apply little bit of logic over here. We know that if we interchange A & B, amount gets double. So B should be twice of A or one more than twice of A i.e. B = 2A or B = 2A+1 For all the other values, we amount achieved by reversing the figures would be way bigger than the double that is required here.

Case I : B=2A Solving two equations simultaneously 98B – 199A = 20 B – 2A = 0 We get A = – 20/3 & B = – 40/2 Case II : B=2A+1 Solving two equations simultaneously 98B – 199a = 20 B – 2A = 1 We get A = 26 & B = 53 Now, it’s obvious that he wanted to withdraw Rs. 26.53

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