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Maninder rents a cab for his daily Chandigarh-Sangrur-Chandigarh round-trip. The cab-driver charges his Rs. 200 everyday. One day, the cab driver informs Maninder that there are two students who wish to travel from Patiala to Sangrur and then back to Patiala. Patiala is halfway between Chandigarh and Sangrur. Maninder, on the first day the students came, told the cab-driver: Keeping the old fare in mind and the base for our calculations, I will only pay the amount which we arrive at after dividing the fare amongst ourselves proportionally (according to the distance we travel). The new fare for Maninder is:

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3 persons are travelling between Patiala to Sangrur. The entire trip costs Rs. 200 for Maninder. Hence, half of the trip costs Rs. 100. For Chandigarh-Patiala-Sangrur-Patiala, only one person i.e. Maninder was travelling earlier. Hence, he would pay Rs. 100. For Patiala-Sangrur-Patiala, three persons i.e. Maninder and two students are travelling. Hence, person should pay Rs. 100/3 = Rs. 33.33 Maninder’s new fare: Rs. 133.34
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