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In the Sunday baazar, Jamuna sells her lemons at Rs. 0.50 for two pieces. Her neighbor Seema has smaller lemons; she sells hers at Rs. 0.50 for three. After a while, when both ladies have the same number of lemons left, Seema is called away. She asks her neighbor to take care of her goods. To make things simple, Jamuna puts all lemons in one big pile, and starts selling five lemons per one rupee. When Seema returns, at the end of the day, all lemons have been sold. But when they start dividing the money, there appears to be a shortage of Rs. 3.50. Supposing they divide the money equally, how much does Jamuna lose with deal?

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Let us assume that both ladies had 18 lemons each So the amount would be which is gained by Jamuna = Rs 4.5 And the amount which is gained by Seema would be = Rs 3 After some time Jamuna combine the number of lemons and sell 5 for Rs1 So the amount would be = 36/5 =Rs 7.2 Therefore the loss would be (4.5 +3) – 7.2 = 0.3 Now question gives us that there is a loss of Rs3.5 at the end of the day So Rs 0.3 loss for 36 lemons Re. 1 loss for 36/0.3 Rs 3.5 loss for 36/0.3 x 3.5 = 420 So the total number of lemons was 420 Among which for 210 lemons Jamuna receives 0.5/2 x 210 = 52.50 (at original rate) If they both divide equally amount after selling the 5 lemons at Re.1 Then Jamuna receives = 210/5=42, which is Rs. 10.50 less
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