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In 2012, the numbers of girls in Wordpandit for internship were twice the number of boys. 1/3 of girls and 2/3 of boys got admission for their higher studies after the completion of Internship and rest of students got jobs in various fields. Find the fraction of students who got jobs after the internship?

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Let us assume the number of boys in Wordpandit = B Therefore, number of girls in Wordpandit = 2B Now in the question it is given that 1/3 of the girls and 2/3 of the boys got admission Hence, total students who got admission = (1/3) (2B) + (2/3)(B) = B (1/3 + 2/3) = (1) B So the number of students who got the jobs were: 3B – B=2B Fraction of students who got jobs: 2/3
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