I went to my friend’s marriage anniversary. There, I met my old friend Richa after a long time and she was accompanied by her husband. I asked her when they got married, she replied 4 years ago. Then I asked how old are you? She replied her current age is 11/7 times her age at the time of her marriage. Then I was surprised to see her son; I again asked how old is your son? She replied that Madhav is 1/8 of her age. I got confused and we left the topic and proceed for the dinner. Can you help me solve this riddle and tell me the ages of these two people?

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Let her age at the time of her marriage = a Her present age = (a+4) Now she says her age is 11/7 of her present age So (a+4) = (11/7)a = 7a + 28 = 11a = a= 7 So her present age is 7+4 = 11 Now her son Madhav is 1/8 of her present age = 11/8

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