Three boys were given a bag of candies as a Diwali present, and it was agreed that they should be divided in proportion to their ages, which together amounted to 17½ years. Now the bag contained 770 candies, and as often as Atish took four Pranav took three, and as often as Atish took six Maninder took seven.
Your task: Find out how many canides each had, and what were the boys’ respective ages.


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It will be found that when Atish takes twelve, Pranav and Maninder will take nine and fourteen respectively, and that they will have together taken thirty-five nuts. As 35 is contained in 770 twenty-two times, we have merely to multiply 12, 9, and 14 by 22 to discover that Atish’s share was 264, Pranav’s 198, and Maninder’s 308. Then, as the total of their ages is 17½ years or half the sum of 12, 9, and 14, their respective ages must be 6, 4½, and 7 years

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