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The word implies a state of predictably calmness and relaxation.  Try recalling the last oil soaked meal you had, preferably in the afternoon after a long day of work. As the food reaches your growling belly, you’re in a quiescent state of mind.

Garfield is synonymous with the word quiescent as he is always unperturbed and stress free living his life, limiting his desire to simplistic foods & naps.

The dictionary definitions for Quiescent are as follows:
1. Being stationary or at rest. (Adjective)

Masters tips for quiescent:

Break up the word into two: Quie-scent
Quie :  quiet = motionless
Scent: Rhymes with decent. Thus quiescent is something that’s quiet and decent, or calm and at peace.

Usage examples for quiescent:
1. So far, the atmosphere of the meeting is surprisingly quiescent.
2.  Without a proper diet, the vigor of an early morning coffee wears down and the body enters into a quiescent state.

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