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Railway group d reasoning: Railway group d reasoning concepts that are important to study

Railway group d reasoning concepts that are usually tested in the exam are listed here for your reference: Analogy, Blood relation, classification, series, non-verbal reasoning, puzzles, coding-decoding, direction and distance, verbal reasoning, alphabet and word test, Venn diagram and missing number. Out of these topics, puzzles carry the highest weightage and there may be as many as 4-5 puzzles asked in this section. Therefore to excel your performance in the Railway group d reasoning section, you need to focus on puzzle sets that may be based on seating arrangements (linear and circular) , scheduling and double line-up problems. Hence, you are required to upgrade your puzzle solving abilities in order to arrange and connect the given information. Cover all the concepts in Railway group d reasoning section and practice past year questions to improve your understanding on these concepts.

Directions for the question set:
Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions:

Sunny, Lalita, Lovedeep, Anu, Dileep and Adityanath were playing the game called ‘the money game’.
• Sunny’s father, mother and uncle were in the group.
• The group has exactly two females.
• At the end of the game, Lalita, Sunny’s mother has more money than her husband.
• At the end of the game, Anu had more money than Dileep but less than Adityanath.
• At the end of the game, the niece of Dileep had the least money.
• At the end of the game, Sunny’s father had more money than Adityanath but was still not the winner of the game.

Question 1: Who was the other female in the group besides Lalita?
(a) Lovedeep
(b) Anu
(c) Dileep
(d) None of these

Question 2: Who is Sunny’s father?
(a) Dileep
(b) Anu
(c) Lovedeep
(d) None of these

Question 3: Who won the game?
(a) Lalita
(b) Dileep
(c) Adityath
(d) Anu

Answers and Explanations: Click the down arrow to expand

Common solution for the set: The first thing that we need to determine is the order of people with respect to the amount of money they have from the conditions given in the question. From 3rd and 6th clue we can say that sunny’s mother > sunny’s father > Adityanath. From 4th clue, we can say that Adityanath > Anu > Dileep. From 5th we can say Dileep > Dileep’s neice. Hence, the order of people in terms of increasing amounts of money is: Dileep’s neice < Dileep < Anu < Adityanath < Sunny’s father < Sunny’s mother. We know that Sunil’s mother is Lalita. And the only two not mentioned person’s names are Sunny and Lovedeep. Since Dileep has a niece, hence Dileep’s niece must be Sunny and Sunny’s father must then be Lovedeep. With this information, we can solve the questions easily.

Answer 1:(d) As per the above explanation, Sunny, Dileep’s niece was the other female in the group. The correct answer is option d.

Answer 2:(c) Lovedeep is Sunny’s father. The correct answer is option c.

Answer 3:(a) Lalita, Sunil’s mother won the game as she had maximum money. The correct answer is option a.

Extra tips for Railway group d reasoning:
• Build an approach while you take mock exams for Railway group d reasoning section- where you can prioritize questions that are of less difficulty level.
• Work on your speed as you are suppose to solve 100 questions in 90 minutes. Try solving the single questions in reasoning in less than 20 seconds.
• While attempting the Railway group d reasoning section in the exam, target the puzzle sets as if you are able to crack the set, you can hunt down 3-5 questions in one go.

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