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This section of Wordpandit has one simple objective: to help you build critical skills such as enhanced reading ability and personality skills. Our special sections here cover a breadth of topics and keep in mind every need of our users. Can anything be better than this? Study the ‘Wordpandit Way’, absolutely free!


Daily Reads

We cover the full eclectic range of reading possible with our daily reads section which provides links from around the globe.


Articles with Analysis

We just don’t leave you with articles. We provide brief analysis and words that you can learn from each article.

Find your Direction

Need to find what and when to read? Our comprehensive reading suggestions cover all based. Just use them regularly.


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EDITOR’S PICK: Topic-wise Reading

What is the ‘Editor’s Pick’ section?

The ‘Daily Reads’ section is about providing you with reading suggestions on a daily basis; the ‘Editors Pick’ section serves a slightly different function: it serves you content on a subject-wise basis. Three major components are served here: reading links based on a particular subject, important subject-authors that you should be following, and basic subject terminology that will help you in reading articles on the subject.

Why such a section? The reasons are nearly similar to ‘Daily Reads’. We want you to become awesome readers, and in the quest, wish to serve you every kind of material that is possible. This is one such attempt. All the content featured in this section would be online, so that you can access it with ease.


Four reasons why you should use the ‘Editor’s Pick’ Section

  • Learn to read ‘subject-wise’.
  • Get to know about the leading authors for various subjects.
  • Learn subject terminology for better comprehension and understanding.
  • Get introduced to the best authors that are out there.

BOOK REVIEWS: Reading Suggestions for you

What is this section all about??

Generally, a lot of you might be confused with regards to what you should be reading for your preparation. In this section, we resolve this conundrum for you. We provide level-wise book reviews that you can use to identify the next book you should be reading. These books are perfect reading material in case you are preparing for exams such as CAT, GRE, GMAT, SAT, Bank PO, etc. Always remember, the English/Verbal section in any exam is not only about question solving but is also a test of your reading and comprehension skills. The more varied your reading experience, the more you develop your understanding. And we are here to assist you with these tasks. Make the most of it.


Five reasons why you should use this Section

  • Pick books according to your current reading level
  • Perfect your reading one step at a time
  • Books for all kinds of readers, from beginners to mature ones
  • Reviews accompany books to enable you a peek into the actual content of the book
  • Suggested reading time for the books helps you plan your reading schedule


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