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Recommendation 1 from ‘The Hindu’

Article Name:‘Stretching the limits’

By: ‘Editorial’

Even after the Supreme Court order, Sahara’s legal avenues were, apparently, far from being totally shut


The article talks about the ongoing legal saga involving the Sahara group that it has moved a step ahead asking the Securities Exchange Board of India as to why the directions spelt out on Aug 31, 2012 order were not executed.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

1: Adorned: to decorate
2: Iconic: with characteristics of an icon
3: Obscure: not clear or plain

Recommendation 2 from ‘The Guardian’

Article Name:‘In praise of…Saraswati’

By: ‘Editorial’

Every year, Hindus pay tribute to their goddess of learning in a ritual that others would do well to emulate


The article talks as how the Hindus pay tribute to their goddess Saraswati. A short article but a good read.

Read the full article here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

Learn Words from the article:

1: .Emulate: imitate with effort
2: Effigies: a representation or an image
3: Precursor: a person or thing that precedes

Recommendation 3 from ‘The Hindu’

Article Name:‘From Standard to poor’

By: ‘Editorial’

At the height of the sub-prime loans frenzy, ratings agencies merrily dished out top notch scores to esoteric financial instruments such as collateralised debt obligations which were nothing but a bundle of mortgage backed securities made up of dubious housing loans.


The article states that all those who have been associated with the sub-prime loans scandal that led to the global financial crisis of 2008 have paid the price one way or the another.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

1: Esoteric: understood by or meant for only a few
2: Dubious: doubtful
3: Pivotal: of vital importance.


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