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Recommendation 1 from ‘CNN International’

Article Name:‘The challenges of being a woman in India’

By: Sumnima Udas

From the time they are born — or not born — and continuing till late in life when they become wives or mothers, it’s a vicious cycle of discrimination, and violence keeps on continuing.


The story highlights the challenges of being an Indian woman. After the brutal Delhi Gang rape incident last month, much has been discussed on the discrimination that is faced by women in India since her birth to her death. The author highlights some vital numbers depicting how early girls are married off, thus not being educated and lead an independent life. The tone of the article is very analytical and the statistics given by the author are indeed very disturbing.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

1: Outrage: An extremely strong reaction of anger
2: Liability: The state of being responsible for something
3: Taboo: Prohibited or restricted by custom

Recommendation 2 from ‘Times of India (Blogs)’

Article Name:‘Time to free Railways?’

By: SA Aiyar

Experience shows that if you raise suburban fares, employers will typically raise the conveyance allowance of employees. Corollary: the suburban rail subsidy benefits the employer, not the employee.


The author in this article discusses the decent past, the confused present and the uncertain future of Indian Railways. He discusses how merely raising the fares once in 10 years will cause a decrease in losses of 6600 Crore rupees but at the same time may lead to loss in business as well. Can railways fare better as an independent corporation? We have successful examples from aircraft and telecom sectors to support this idea.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

1: Subsidy: A sum of money granted by the government or a public body to assist an industry or business so that the price of a commodity or service.
2: Patronage: The power to control appointments to office or the right to privileges.
3: Freight: Goods carried by ship, rail or aircraft.

Recommendation 3 from ‘Project Syndicate’

Article Name:‘The world in 2030’

By: Joseph S. Nye

It is never safe, however, to project the future just by extrapolating current trends. Surprise is inevitable


Author discusses the future of human race in the year 2030. Though, it’s hard to predict future based on current scenario as surprise is inevitable, the author derives the idea of this article from the report published by NIS which also tells that Asia is going to be the centre of world economy. The 200 page report (Link can be found in the article) is equally enlightening.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

1: Multi polarity: Polarity in international relations is any of the various ways in which power is distributed within the international system.
2: Democratization: Action of making something democratic
3: Revisionist: a Communist who tries to rewrite Marxism to justify a retreat from the revolutionary position.



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