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Recommendation 1 from ‘Slate’

Article Name:‘Why did Jonah Lehrer plagiarize himself?’

By: ‘Josh Levin’

IThe answer has been given in one sentence “he became an idea man”. However, the article also states that whether it is said that he did not copy from others, but his readers had every right to know whether what he was writing was his old copy or not. Further, the article states that after the success of his books, the writer in question ceased to be a writer and because addicted with copy paste business and moved into the idea business.


Does that mean he was just writing for the heck of it? However, even if he copied his own copy, what is the cacophony all about. Point is he copied his own work and not someone else’s. However, yes it could be somewhat dicey for the publication that it was written about earlier.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Retract: Take back
Reusing: Using again
Plagiarism: Lifting

Recommendation 2 from ‘Slate’

Article Name:‘A bill seeking to regulate use of the word vagina’

By: ‘Dahlia Lithwick’

AThe article states that last week a legislator was banned from using the word vagina on the house floor. Further, a bill named HB-5711(b) should be enacted, which will have various parts with various provisions. For example, part A(1)(a) has a provision, which states that if a women wants to use the word vagina on the house floor, she would have to consult with her physician and the physician will also be required to certify that the woman was not forced to say the word.


At first, I thought it is some satirical piece on the restriction of freedom of speech, but it turns out these people are actually serious. So does that mean, there will be other bills to stop the usage of other words too? Then why not ban the word penis? Freedom of speech, Where is it now?

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Coerced: Forced
Improperly: Rudely
Counselling: Therapy

Recommendation 3 from ‘Slate’

Article Name:‘The kickstarter recession’

By: ‘Matthew Yglesias’

The article is talking about a start-up called Kickstarter, which funds projects of people across the world with the help of ordinary people like you and not some venture capitalists. Earlier this idea was too sceptical to be worked on, but now it has worked really well. However, the article also states that even though it sounds wonderful it could be a major setback to the American economy, if it is too successful. As a bank gives money as an investment and people deposit money in the banks. And banks make profit by lending that money. However, kickstarter makes people invest for the sake of an idea, which means people sacrifice their investment/earning for the sake of passion.


I myself had been a huge fan of kickstarter and I had not even thought about it this way. But it turns out it has bigger consequences. And after reading the article, you would also agree that if it is overdone, kickstarter could threaten the economy by directly threatening the role of the banks. However, it is obvious that for this to happen, it will take some time down the line.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Capitalistic: Favouring capitalism
Dynamic: Lively
Dissuade: Deter.



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