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Recommendation 1 from ‘The Times of India’

Article Name:The ‘Powerty’ line

By: Bachi Karkaria

The cliche is true; across the country ordinary people really do extraordinary things to raise themselves above crippling circumstance or just sapping routine, and then wave upon wave of others benefit.


Time to feature two all time favorites of this section. The first one to grace our daily reads section is Bachi Karkaria, an author we have featured often, and there are reasons for doing so. Awesome vocabulary, great sentence structures and logical conclusions form a perfect combination that any reader is looking forward to. Sample this article and you would understand what I am taking about.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Bilge: Cause to leak
Raucous: Unpleasantly loud and harsh
Cynicism: A cynical feeling of distrust
Benign: Not dangerous to health; not recurrent or progressive (especially of a tumor)

Recommendation 2 from ‘The Times of India’

Article Name:Mar Durga

By: Jug Suraiya

Is it her father’s sand that she should object to people taking it? Who made the sand? God made the sand


The second of our super favorite authors: Jug Suraiya. In this article, he is at his inimical best, and explores the recent events concerning the IAS officer, Durga Nagapal, in his definitive sarcastic style. A must read for two reasons: entertainment and exploring sarcasm in writing.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Disgraceful: Giving offense to moral sensibilities and injurious to reputation
Dilly-dallying: Postpone doing what one should be doing
Shilly-shallying: Be uncertain and vague
Uppity: Presumptuously arrogant

Recommendation 3 from ‘The Guardian’

Article Name:The woman who nearly died making your iPad

By: Aditya Chakrobarty

Tian Yu worked more than 12 hours a day, six days a week. She had to skip meals to do overtime. Then she threw herself from a fourth-floor window


This is a human interesting story and one that exposes the shallowness of our worlds. We might have the best of gadgets and the fanciest of toys in our hands but how these are made is another story. The article cites how a manufacturer for Apple goods in China is flouting the norms and outlines how bad the conditions are. An article definitely worth reading and mulling over.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Dormitory: A large sleeping room containing several beds.
Quibbled: Evade the truth of a point or question by raising irrelevant objections.
Conscience: Motivation deriving logically from ethical or moral principles that govern a person’s thoughts and actions.



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