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Recommendation 1 from ‘The Guardian’

Article Name:‘Immigrants don’t come here for the weather – they want to work’

By: ‘Shazia Mirza’

The article states that immigrants come to England to work and not to sit around. However, according to Theresa May’s new rules immigrants will have to earn £18,600 or more to bring in a non-EU spouse, rising to £27,200 for three children. Writer states that this ruling suggests that it seems this means that poor people can no longer make a contribution to the society. Whereas on the other hand writer states that when her parents had come to Britain they had nothing in hand and with their hard work they have contributed to the economy of the country.


Well, it is a fact that the workers contribute to the economy of a country. And when it comes to the immigrants, Britain should refrain from such stringent laws, as it is mostly this immigrant population that works and keep the economy ticking. Plus, it doesn’t make sense.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Desire: Wish
Perspective: Viewpoint

Recommendation 2 from ‘BBC’

Article Name:‘Yossi Vardi, godfather of Israel’s Hi-tech industry’

By: ‘Katia Moskvitch’

The article has tracked the successful life of Yossi Vardi, being referred to as the godfather of Israeli hi-tech industry. Article states that in the past year he has built 80 Israeli start ups and is also the ambassador for Israel. Article states that when he invests in some initiative, he just looks for talent. Further, he is also known for bringing experience to the business and as well as the product. Mr. Vardi states that in order to be successful you need to be persistent, need to have stamina also the strength to deal with failure. And he also states that he is always mesmerised with talented people.


He is mesmerised with talented people because he himself is so talented and he must know the importance of recognising this talent before it perishes. These are the stories like these that inspire people to do the impossible. It is only with talent and determination that he has reached here and has pushed nearly 80 start ups to do the same.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Advisor: An expert who gives advice
Immigrant: Migrant

Recommendation 3 from ‘BBC’

Article Name:‘Viewpoint: Taxi sharing in Iran’s ‘sexual revolution’’

By: ‘Kamin Mohammadi’

AThe article states that young Iranians have started employing creative behaviour to navigate their ways around in the restrictions and it is amounting to no less than sexual revolution of some sorts. Writer states that to share the same space, men and women share taxis and also with the help of mobile phones the interactions have become easier. And then there are cyber chat rooms where people even fix some secret dates for themselves. Writer states that for the fist time people in Iran are finding space for themselves even if it is in the cyber space or taxis.


Such things happen in our culture everyday and we don’t call it a revolution of any sort, but in that culture, it perhaps means a huge shift in the thinking of people. People are trying to find a place for themselves amidst the restriction’s chaos. This is a huge thing and moreover, little-little shifts late lead to cultural revolutions on larger scales.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Repression: Oppression
Crammed: Packed
Inventiveness: Ingenuity.



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