Reading Suggestions: Day 233

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Recommendation 1 from ‘Foreign Policy’

Article Name:‘Meet the guts’

By: ‘Bruce Jones and Thomas Wright’

The article states that contrary to the popular opinion that West is declining, the fact is that there are four major international players who are experience renaissance of its own kind and also have a chance of staying on top for sometime to come. According to the article, these four countries are Germany, South Korea, Turkey and United States.


Surprising! While the whole world is crumbling under the pressure of financial meltdown; four countries are emerging as powers. In a way anything underestimating that has been written about these countries needs to be reconsidered.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Paradoxically: Ironically
Unthinkable: Absurd
Dynamism: Vitality
Impressive: inspiring

Recommendation 2 from ‘Goodnet’

Article Name:‘A quarter of humanity live like this’

By: ‘Goodnet’

The article is talking about a project called Life Without Lights by photographer Peter DiCampo. This project is a compilation of photographs from around the world, which depict the state of 1.4 million people who live without electricity. Article states that pictures are nothing, but heart wrenching and highlight the need of power to everyone.


Pictures are worth a thousand words and this project does nothing, but highlight the fact that still there are 1.4 million people who live without resources which we rake for granted.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Authentic: Genuine
Awareness: Consciousness

Recommendation 3 from ‘Foreign Policy’

Article Name:‘Revenge of the felool’

By: ‘David Kenner’

The article states that felools .i.e. remnants of the Egyptian revolution are taking over the new order again. Felool means that old rulers will be swept away by the new order that comes after the revolution. However, according to the article it is not so, in fact even in polls, officials part of the older regime like Shafiq and Moussa are claiming top positions in polls also. Further, Shafiq’s pitch to oters is that only he is able enough to restore Egypt to stability and prosperity.


What does this mean? Either people weren’t really interested in the revolution or they are being carried away by the promises. Assuming that it goes simple enough to understand that they were part of the regime that was overthrown, so wont they repeat everything that they did?

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Trend: Tendency
Revolutionary: Radical
Remnants: Leftovers


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