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Recommendation 1 from ‘The Economic Times’

Article Name:‘Tibet place in Koramangala: The theme mall is attracting customers and entrepreneurs alike’

By: ‘Rashi Varshney’

The article talks about the emergence of speciality malls in India with the example of a Tibet mall in Koramangala, which according to the article is attracting customers and entrepreneurs alike. Article states that this mall started with Rs 120 lakh investment and even though the founders of the mall do not expect that much of profit now, the mall easily covers the daily running cost of Rs 4.5 lakh. However, the article also mentions that the sustainability of speciality mall is in question. The demand is there in India, but some of these speciality malls have faced failures.


Speciality malls are a novel idea, but speaking to traditionalists, it may sound another way to promote consumerism. But if there are takers, then there is no problem. However, agreeing with the article on the sustainability factor, it may indeed be a frat fetched idea to think that speciality malls might sustain for a long time where people are always looking for traditional good quality stuff.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Sustainability: To hold up
Catchment: Area
Gestation: Development

Recommendation 2 from ‘Foreign Policy’

Article Name:‘China’s iPad generation’

By: ‘Deborah Jian Lee, Sushma Subramanian’

The article talks about a generation that has been left behind in the countryside by their parents, so that they can receive benefits in the villages, which they will not receive in the urban areas. According to the housing registration policy or hukou system in China people moving to urban cities to work are not given social benefits. Hence, parents leave their children back home. And the emotional impacts of such separation are disastrous. The article narrates the story of one such dysfunctional mother-son relationship. And few other stories are also there, which leaves the reader grappling with harsher realities of migrant workers. Further, there are also dangers of being kidnapped and then being put up for international adoptions.


The title of the article reads like children glued to iPad and iPad sort of gadgets. As you read the article you know the harsh lives and the amount of salaries paid. Nothing is valuable enough when compared to the emotional distress. And being sold for adoptions surely doesn’t sound relaxing either for children.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Consequences: Penalty
Lucrative: Well paid

Recommendation 3 from ‘Investigating Answers’

Article Name:’10 middle-class jobs that will vanish by 2018′

By: ‘Christian Hudspeth’

The article is basically a list of 10 such jobs that will perish by 2018, as the economy changes and companies become more pragmatic in order to survive. The jobs are like that of machinists, first-line supervisors, farmers and ranchers, Computer operators, paper good machine setters etc, as papers become less relevant to the business with increasing usage of computers. And as more efficient programmes come into being and are used by people jobs like desktop publishers will also disappear sooner.


The list is definitely not the one for entertainment purposes. This is something serious, 6 years down the line people like desktop publishers will lose jobs, which means in no time people will have to unlearn their survival skills and learn new ones as scenarios change.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Apparel: Attire
Dramatically: Radically



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