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Recommendation 1 from ‘The Guardian’

Article Name:‘Myths about rape conviction rates are putting people off going to the police’

By: ‘Amanda Bancroft’

Such discourse about rape is always discussed over a cup of coffee, but what really matters is that how that discourse is implemented in the administration. In countries like India, it is still considered a woman’s fault if she is raped and recent rapes with statement from the ministers such as she should not be working so late etc. are a proof of the fact that there needs to be an improvement in the way women are treated. Perhaps, respect, dignity and openness about rape will really do help.


The article talks about how the myths when it comes to Rape prevent the victims from reporting it. The article cites an example of the survey in which respondents said that the lower rate of conviction would prevent them from reporting rape, which meant that they had heard about the mythical figure of 6% in conviction. Further, the article also cites an example of a recent case in which the rape victim was given six months in prison, as she withdrew her allegations and was charged with stopping the course of justice. The kind of headlines in the newspapers totally misconstrued the story without taking into consideration that this kind of thing was unlikely to happen again. So, the article states that there has to be openness about rape and half truths and myths do not help the victims to come forward openly. So, there needs to be full picture presented.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Attrition: Abrasion
Myth: Fable
Discourse: Conversation

Recommendation 2 from ‘The Guardian’

Article Name:‘Dennis Waterman and the ‘problem with strong, intelligent women’’

By: ‘Naomi McAuliffe’

No matter how much we talk about the equality, we really cannot overlook is that it takes a very mature and secure man to understand and not lash out at her for being more intelligent. One can only hope for a man to be that mature otherwise abuse can manifest in many ways other than physical.


The article precisely talks about men physically abusing women who are more clever and intelligent than them. The article cites the example of Dennis Waterman who accepts that he hit his wife when he could not win an argument with words. Further, the writer goes on to say that to address the issue of domestic abuse, it is very important to understand the power dynamic within the relationship and that means any relationship, as the abuse takes into consideration this very power dynamic.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Intelligent; Bright
Determined: Resolute
Argue: Quarrel
Violent: Aggressive
Acquaintance: Associate

Recommendation 3 from ‘The Times of India’

Article Name:‘Lure of the instant message’

By: ‘B Pradeep Nair’

To be realistic, most of the people that we see today do have smartphones, so they do exploit the possibility of such application. However, thinking that SMS might phase out completely, is foolishness. As long as smartphones stayout of reach of every person due to costs factor and taking into considerations SMS are virtually free these days, it is not possible.


The article talks about the loss of $13.9 billion in revenue for telecom operators due to the social messaging applications. The article has rounded up many such applications that give the users benefits that SMS doesn’t give like contacting all the friends on the same platform even if they happen to be spread out on various social networking sites. However, the writer states that thinking this to be the immediate end of text messaging is not realistic. But, yes all of this can lead to gradual decline of the SMS, as more and more people take to smartphones.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Rapidly: Quickly
Popularity: Fame
Communicate: Converse
Convenience: Handiness


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