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Recommendation 1 from ‘The Times Crest Edition’

Article Name:The pull of Everest was stronger than any force on Earth

By: Sujoy Das

All routes have been climbed, and most are crowded with record breakers, but Tenzing’s words ring true even today.


The article begins by talking about two climbers Mallory and Irvine who were never seen again after they were once spotted while climbing the Everest and to this day there is intense speculation on whether they reached the summit or not. The article further talks about how Everest has now become a playground for guided expeditions.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Evacuate: vacate
Ferry: a commercial service for transporting persons using boats and automobiles
Alacrity: willingness

Recommendation 2 from ‘The Times Crest Edition’

Article Name:Stranger than fiction

By: Shrabonti Bagchi

An Indian author wrote a book last year which now appears to have predicted the worldwide snopping America was doing with its PRISM programme.


The article talks about Raj Cherla’s novel Devil’s Ether, a sci-fi novel which has striking parallels with the real world events surrounding PRISM. The author further states that his novel goes a step further than the electronic surveillance, they tap human minds through a technique called “remote neural monitoring”.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Envisage: to visualize
Resonance: echoing
Canny: cautious

Recommendation 3 from ‘The New York Times’

Article Name:The Not-So-Good Old days

By: Stephanie Coontz

In 1950, a young man, with or without a high school degree, would have found it much easier than it is today to get and keep a job in the auto industry.


The article talks about the changing phase of the world and how it has now become difficult for a person from the manufacturing industry to provide family support.

Read the full article here.

Learn Words from the article:

Imbecile: a blockhead.
Covenants: a formal agreement.



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