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Reasoning for LIC AAO : Tips and insights into reasoning for LIC AAO exam

Like other sections, there is sectional cut-off in reasoning for lic aao mains exam and therefore you need to score 50% above marks in this section to qualify it [45 marks out of 90 marks to qualify]. The reasoning for lic aao exam under the section title ‘Reasoning Ability’, tests your aptitude for problem solving and analysis. The mains form the Phase II, after the Prelims (Phase I), and it is considered while short listing candidates for the interview (Final phase). This change has been introduced prior to which there was only an online test followed by the interview. Another change is the introduction of sectional timings. Therefore, each section is important to crack and in order to master the section of reasoning for lic aao exam, we advice you solve these Logical Reasoning sets across all three levels.

Directions for the question set:
Five students P,Q,R,S and T are scheduled to undergo counseling interviews within a seven day period starting from Sunday to Saturday. Exactly one student undergoes counseling interview per day. The schedule must accommodate the following conditions:
1. P is to receive exactly two interviews; the second interview must be scheduled for the fourth day after the day of the first interview.
2. Q is to receive exactly one interview.
3. R is to receive exactly one interview, which must be scheduled for either the day before or the day after the day of P’s first interview
4. S is to receive exactly one interview, which must be scheduled for a day any time before the day of P’s second interview.
5. T is to receive exactly one interview, which must be scheduled for the third day after the day of Q’s interview

Question 1: If Q’s interview is to schedule for the first day of the week, which of the following pairs of Students cannot be scheduled for consecutive days.
(a) Q, P
(b) P, T
(c) Q, R
(d) R, S

Question 2: Any of the five students could be scheduled for the first day of week except
(a) P
(b) Q
(c) R
(d) T

Question 3: Which of the following is a possible schedule, including the open day for which no student is scheduled, from Sunday to Saturday of the week?
(a) R, P, Q, S, T, P, open day
(b) Q, P, R, T, open day , P, S
(c) P, Q, R, S, T ,Open day
(d) R, P, S, Q, open day ,P, T

Question 4: The day of Q’s interview must be no more than how many days after P’s first interview:
(a) 1
(b) 3
(c) 2
(d) 4

Question 5: If the condition that the second interview for P must be scheduled for the fourth day after the day of the first interview is removed, the maximum number of days between P’s first interview and Q’s first interview can be:
(a) 1
(b) 2
(c) 3
(d) 4

Answers and Explanations: Click the down arrow to expand

Answer 1: (d) From 5, T has to be on the third day after Q so T is on Wednesday. Also P’s first interview can be placed on either Monday or Tuesday so that it can have his/her second interview on Friday/Saturday. Accordingly, the interviews for S and R can also be scheduled. Open day refers to the day where no interviews are conducted. Based on these the following table can be constructed-

The correct option is (d).

Answer 2: (d) From the given information, we can draw the following table of possible interview schedules per day (the table lists the candidates that can give an interview on a particular day)

P1 means the first Interview for P and P2 refers to the second interview. R before P1 or After P1 Given that T’ interview is scheduled on the 3rd day after Q So, from the above table, we can say that T’s interview cannot be scheduled for Sunday. The correct option is (d).

Answer 3: (d) Checking each option Ist option is out because R must be interviewed the day before or the day after P’s first interview. Here, this condition is violated. Second option is also gone because T ‘s condition is violated. (since T has to be scheduled on the third day after Q’s interview) Third option is out because R is to be interviewed before or after P but here it is being violated. The correct option is (d).

Answer 4: (c) We shall start by keeping P on Sunday since within a week we have to schedule 2 interviews of P. So If P is first interviewed on Sunday, then P’s second interview will be 3 days later i.e. on Thursday. Now since we can place at maximum delay, the interview of T to Saturday, which should also be the third day after Q’s interview. Hence Q’s interview will be held on Wednesday, which 2 days from Sunday (P’s first interview). The correct option is (c).

Answer 5: (d) In this case, the following sequence can be build:

The maximum number of days possible=4 Since both P and Q are at the extreme ends, this is the maximum possible answer. The correct option is (d).

Extra tips for reasoning for lic aao:
• Build a great strategy to solve reasoning for lic aao exam. This strategy should be tried and tested and have fetched you results in the mock tests.
• While solving problem sets, there are instances of multiple possibilities at the beginning. Account for each case as starting back from scratch will waste your time.
• While solving problems, try writing clear solutions so that you do not get confused if you have to go back to any part of the solution at any given time if needed.

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