Picture for RebukeToday you had bad day at the office .You failed to submit important project to the boss .He was livid & sharply criticized you for missing deadline. Boss rebuked you for your negligence. Sharp Critisicism of any kind is termed as rebuke.

Word rebuke is derived from Anglo-French rebucher which means reprimand.

Pronunciation: ri-byook

Meanings of Rebuke

1. To criticize or reprove sharply
2. Express stern disapproval of

Master’s Tip to Learn Rebuke

Imagine you have bought costly “REEBOK” shoes & your servant has spoiled it. What will be your first reaction? You will scold him. Any kind of harsh criticism is nothing but rebuke.

Sentence examples for Rebuke:

1. Mother would sometimes rebuke me for leaving my spinach on my plate.
2. The customer rebuked the waiter for bringing cold soup.
3. Its best not to argue when your boss rebukes you or you might get fired.

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