Picture for ReconditeThis word was derived from Latin word reconditus, past participle of recondere which is a combination of different words- re means “away, back”, con means “together” and dere means “to put or place”.

Pronunciation: ri-kon-dahyt

Meanings of Recondite:

1. Abstract or obscure, little known
2. Dealing with difficult, imprecise or abstruse matter that’s not accurate

Master’s Tip to Learn Recondite:

The historical or archeological artifacts found in excavations provide great information or idea about the history of a place but it cannot be considered exact or very accurate since the information provided by them is assumed or just found by observation. We can’t say these facts are completely correct. Such vague facts are said to be recondite.

Sentence examples for Recondite:

1. The facts were so recondite that we couldn’t get to any conclusion about the mysterious samples.
2. The things scientists have found out about the U.F.O and the aliens are recondite.

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