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Rejig in Context:

The given context is actually a pretty good explanation for rejig: the reshuffle that we had in the cabinet of ministers.  A reshuffle is essentially a rejig.

There are two more words that can learnt from this paragraph:

1. Revamp: To renovate and restore.

2. Belie: Be in contradiction with.

Dictionary definition for Rejig:

1. (Business / Commerce) to re-equip (a factory or plant)

2. To rearrange, alter, or manipulate, sometimes in a slightly dishonest way.


The following is an extract from The Times of India used for educational purposes:  Given the policy paralysis that weighs on the government, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh could have utilised the opportunity of a reshuffle to inject fresh blood into the cabinet, pack it with performers and revamp the government entirely. Instead, the announced changes amount to a routine shuffling of the deck which belie the PM’s earlier promise of an expansive ministerial rejig.


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