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Picture for RemissHave you ever failed to complete assigned task? If yes, after having failed have you analyzed reason behind failure? Most Common reason would be non adherence to procedure due to carelessness or negligence. This negligence is nothing but remiss. If someone has performed duty sluggishly then also remiss can be used.

Pronunciation: ri-mis

Meanings of Remiss

1. Negligent, careless
2. Lacking force or energy; languid; sluggish
3. Failing in what duty requires

Master’s Tip to Learn Remiss

Best way to remember word remiss is to split word into Re+miss / (repeat+miss).When u miss something repetitively reason behind it is carelessness, negligence.
Another way is to remember rhyming words “amiss”& “remiss”. Amiss means inappropriate or out of place .e.g. everything is amiss because he’s remiss.

Sentence examples for Remiss:

1. I shall always regret that I was so remiss.
2. The dog’s owner was remiss for not walking it daily.
3. It would be remiss of us if we didn’t look at all potential opportunities.

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