picture for replenishThe word ‘Replenish’ is a verb and it means to fill or build up again. The word ‘Replenish’ originated around 1350 and has been derived from the Anglo-French word repleniss.

Pronunciation: ri-plen-ish

Meanings of Replenish

1. To make full or complete again.
2. To fill again or anew.

Master’s Tip to Learn Replenish

The word ‘Replenish’ sounds like re-plane. Whenever a plane runs out of fuel it needs to be refilled and this is what replenish means, to refill something.

Sentence examples for Replenish:

1. He replenished his supply of wood in preparation for the winter.
2. An efficient staff of workers replenished the trays of appetizers almost as quickly as guests emptied them.
3. If you lose too much blood during the procedure, you may be given a blood transfusion to replenish your blood supply.

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